Nautilus T616 vs Nautilus T618 – Treadmill Comparison

Nautilus T616 vs Nautilus T618 – Treadmill Comparison

The Nautilus T616 is a good quality treadmill with very respectable stats.

The Nautilus T618 is the direct upgrade on the T616, with a better motor, larger treadmill rollers and significantly longer warranty periods. 

Now that we have a high level overview, let’s dive into the details.  

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Summary of main differences between the Nautilus T616 and the Nautilus T618

  1. The Nautilus T618 has a more powerful treadmill motor (3.5 CHP) than the Nautilus T616 (3.0 CHP)
  2. The maximum user weight of the T618 is 350 pounds. This is fifty pounds more than the T616. 
  3. The Nautilus T618 has a Rebound Deck, whereas the T616 has a StrikeZone Deck. The Rebound Deck is slightly better. 
  4. The treadmill rollers in the T618 (2.75″) are larger than the rollers in the T616 (2.5″). 
  5. The frame and motor warranties of the T618 (15 years) are significantly longer than the warranties of the T616 (10 years)
  6. The Nautilus T616 is considerably more affordable than the T618. Given how many features they share, this makes the T616 an attractive value proposition, especially if you run at normal speeds (ie less than 12 mph on average) and you are less than 300 pounds in weight. 

Aside from these key differences, these treadmills are actually very similar. Now let’s take a look at some comparison tables to highlight all the key similarities and all the key differences. 

Key Similarities Table - Nautilus T616 vs Nautilus T618

Nautilus T616


Nautilus T618

Max Speed

0-12 MPH

0-12 MPH

Treadmill Belt

20" x 60"

20" x 60"

Incline Settings



Built-In Workouts



Heart Rate Monitor

Contact & Telemetry

Contact & Telemetry

Treadmill Console

2 DualTrack Backlit LCD Displays

2 DualTrack Backlit LCD Displays

User Profiles



Labour Warranty

2 Years

2 Years

Chest Strap HRM Included

Bluetooth Connectivity

SoftDrop™ folding

iPad/Tablet Holder

Explore The World App

RunSocial App

Nautilus Trainer 2 App

Key Differences Table - Nautilus T616 vs T618

Nautilus T616


Nautilus T618


Less Expensive

More Expensive

Treadmill Motor

3.0 CHP

3.5 CHP

Max Weight (lbs)

300 lbs (136 kg)

350lbs (158 kg)

Treadmill Rollers

2.5" Rollers

2.75" Rollers

Treadmill Cushioning

StrikeZone Deck

Rebound Deck

Belt Thickness

2 Ply - 2.0 mm

3 Ply - 2.5 mm


77.2” L x 35.2” W x 57.6” H

77.5" L x 35.25" W x 57.75" H

Motor Warranty

10 Years

15 Years

Frame Warranty

10 Years

15 Years

Handrail Controls

Main Reasons To Choose the Nautilus T616

Main Reasons To Choose Nautilus T616 Treadmill

1. It's significantly cheaper

By opting for the Nautilus T616, you can save yourself about $300 (obviously the price of each product is subject to change). This is important, because within this price bracket ($1000 – $1200), the Nautilus T616 is a strong contender for the top spot. 

2. It's powerful enough for most recreational runners

The base level stats of the Nautilus T616 should be more than adequate for most recreational runners. More specifically:

  • It has a good size belt: 20″ x 60″
  • A strong motor: 3.0 CHP
  • A maximum user weight that most people should fall within comfortably : 300 lbs
  • Adequately sized treadmill rollers: 2.5″ 
  • A maximum speed which should cover most people: 12 MPH

All in all, these are very respectable base level stats. 

Main Reasons To Choose The Nautilus T618

Main Reasons To Choose Nautilus T618 Treadmill

1. The Treadmill Motor Is More Powerful

Although it’s not a massive difference, every bit counts when it comes to the Continuous Horsepower of a treadmill. In this case, you get an extra 0.5 CHP by opting for the Nautilus T618. This is particulary important for high speed runners, and heavier users, that will be better served by the stronger motor. 

  • Nautilus T616: 3.0 CHP
  • Nautilus T618: 3.5 CHP 

2. The Warranties Are Much Better

While the labour warranties for both treadmills are the same, it’s the engine and frame warranties where the Nautilus T618 really trumps its cheaper counterpart. You essentially get an extra 5 years for the frame and the motor by choosing the T618. 

T616 Motor Warranty: 10 Years T618 Motor Warranty: 15 Years
T616 Frame Warranty: 10 Years T618 Frame Warranty: 15 Years

3. It has upgraded Cushioning & Larger Treadmill Rollers

Both treadmills include high quality cushioning technology that will help reduce the impact on your knees and joints. However, the Rebound Deck found in the Nautilus T618 is a touch better than the StrikeZone Deck found in the T616.

Again, this is not a huge difference, but together with the larger treadmill rollers and the stronger treadmill motor, the T618 should offer a sturdier and more comfortable ride. 

T616 Rollers: 2.5" T618 Rollers: 2.75"
T616 Cushioning: StrikeZone Deck T618 Cushioning: Rebound Deck

Final Buying Tips

If you’re still undecided at this point, these final tips might be helpful. 

Go for the Nautilus T616 if:

  • You’re on a tight budget and want to save a few hundred dollars
  • You tend to run below 10 mp/h during your training sessions
  • You are less than 300 pounds and run less than 100 miles in total per month

Go for the Nautilus T618 if:

  • You want a smoother, quieter more comfortable ride
  • You run at high speeds often (the more powerful motor will help here)
  • You are more than 300 pounds (the higher maximum weight will help here)
  • You want the better treadmill overall