Garmin Forerunner 55 vs Instinct

Garmin Forerunner 55 vs Instinct

The Garmin Forerunner 55 is the latest entry-level running watch in Garmin’s product line-up. Despite being the ‘starter’ model, it actually packs quite a powerful punch in terms of running features. The Garmin Instinct is a versatile multisport GPS watch built with Military grade durability. It is an extremely tough GPS watch with navigation capabilities … Read moreGarmin Forerunner 55 vs Instinct

Nike Vaporfly Records Broken – Full List

Nike Vaporfly Records Broken

Based on the infographic above, it should be sufficiently clear that the Nike Vaporfly’s are the fastest running shoes that have ever been made.  Unlike so many sports companies that over-promise and under-deliver when boasting of a product’s benefits, with the Nike Vaporfly’s, the hype is backed by science. Study after study has found that … Read moreNike Vaporfly Records Broken – Full List

V02 Max Chart By Age – Male and Female


V02 Max is one of the purest indicators of cardiovascular performance. V02 max  measures the maximum rate of oxygen consumption during exercise. There are three components to the V02 max measurement, namely: Oxygen Consumption: How much oxygen your body uses during cardiovascular exercise. This is measured in milliliters (mL). Body Weight: Your weight is literally … Read moreV02 Max Chart By Age – Male and Female