Nike Vaporfly Records Broken – Full List

Nike Vaporfly Records Broken – Full List

Based on the infographic above, it should be sufficiently clear that the Nike Vaporfly’s are the fastest running shoes that have ever been made. 

Unlike so many sports companies that over-promise and under-deliver when boasting of a product’s benefits, with the Nike Vaporfly’s, the hype is backed by science. Study after study has found that these shoes are able to deliver on the claim of a 4% increase in running efficiency. This is exactly why marathon records across the worlds are crumbling at a rapid pace. 

This is not to say that the athletes who wear these shoes are not freakishly talented individuals. You cannot win a marathon in record breaking time without being a phenomenal physical specimen. At the same time, the possibility of a sub-2 hour marathon would not exist without these shoes. Ultimately, for an endurance runner to reach his or her fastest time on race day, it is a pre-requisite to have Nike Vaporfly’s attached to their feet. 

Full List of Records Broken In Nike Vaporfly Running Shoes

Fastest Unofficial Marathon

Eluid Kipchoge

01:59:38 – Vienna 2019

Fastest Men's Marathon

Eluid Kipchoge

02:01:39 – Berlin – 2018

Fastest Women's Marathon

Brigid Kosgei

02:14:04 – Chicago 2019

Fastest Men's Half Marathon

Geoffrey Kamworor

00:58:01 – Denmark 2019

Fastest Women's Half Marathon

Ababel Yeshaneh

01:04:31 – UAE 2020

Fastest Men's 5K (Road)

Joshua Cheptegei

00:12:51 – Monaco 2020

Second Fastest Men's Marathon

Kenenisa Bekele

02:01:41 – Berlin 2019

Third Fastest Men's Marathon

Eluid Kipchoge

02:02:37 – London 2019

Fourth Fastest Men's Marathon

Birhanu Legese

02:02:48 – Berlin 2019

Fifth Fastest Men's Marathon

Mosinet Geremew

02:02:55 – London 2019

Dubai Marathon Record Men

Getaneh Molla

02:03:34  – Dubai 2019

Dubai Marathon Record Women

Ruth Chepngetich

02:17:08 – Dubai 2019

Side note – Wikipedia are incorrectly assigning the third fastest marathon ever to Birhanu Legese, 02:02:48 Berlin 2019. In reality, the third fastest time was set by Eliud Kipchoge when he set the London Marathon record in a time of 02:02:37 in 2019. 

Furthermore, this list is likely to grow once the world starts to recover from Covid-19 and marathons become viable again. When this happens, we will obviously update this post, given that more records are likely to be broken when the marathon season finally resumes. 

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