What is the average Parkrun Time?

What is the average Parkrun Time?

So you want to know the average parkrun time, for male and female runners, across the world?

You’re in the right place.

What is the average Parkrun time?

The average Parkrun time is 30:54 minutes. This figure is derived from the official parkrun website, which lists the average time for every different country where Parkrun takes place. 

You can few the precise numbers for each different country in the table below, together with the global average. 

Country Average Time
Australia 32:37
Canada 31:46
Denmark 26:02
Finland 34:16
France 29:03
Germany 29:10
Ireland 29:51
Italy 30:33
Japan 33:39
Malaysia 38:39
New Zealand 30:30
Norway 28:35
Poland 26:51
Russia 26:36
Singapore 28:07
South Africa 41:11
Sweden 28:22
United Kingdom 28:45
United States 32:41
Average All Countries 30:54

What is the average male parkrun time?

The average male time is approximately 28:30 minutes. This figure is about 2:30 minutes faster than the overall average for men and women, which is approximately 30:54 minutes.

What is the average female parkrun time?

The average female time is approximately 35 minutes. This figure is roughly 4 minutes slower than the overall average for men and women, which is approximately 30:54 minutes.

Which country is the fastest on average?

At this moment in time, Denmark has the fastest average time, clocking in at 26:02 mins.

And which country is slowest?

Without question, South Africa has the slowest average time, clocking in at 41:11 mins.

This is 15 minutes slower than Denmark (26:02). 

It’s hard to explain why South Africa’s average time is so much slower than every other country. It might be explained by a diet rich in biltong and boerewors (an SA favorite at barbecues) but it probably has something to the difficulty of the routes and the number of participants at these routes.

Is there anything else you should know?

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