17 November – Outdoor Running Session

17 November – Outdoor Running Session

How did you feel during this run?

Pretty good actually. I’ve been feeling pretty motivated since starting 5krunning.com, and I know that my daily commitment to calf raises (with plenty of rest days) is going to help me start building my cardiovascular fitness.

This is the fastest outdoor run I have done since early October, when I experienced a minor calf strain.


How was the pace?

I started off quite nicely at about 3:55 per km. Things tapered off during the last 2 kilometers though.


Was there any tightness in the calves?

There was a little bit of tension in the last 2k’s. That partially why I stopped the run at 4km rather than 5km. I also stopped the run early cause I was feeling pretty gassed.

How would summarize this session?

I was pretty happy with the pace, and it was nice to get to 4km’s knowing that my body could have done a bit more. I’m learning how to create and celebrate small wins, and this felt like a small win to me.