27 November – Treadmill Training Session

27 November – Treadmill Training Session

How did you feel about this run?

I was a little nervous about this run after doing squats for the first time in ages the day before (26 November). During the 3rd set of squats, my right groin started feeling a little bit tight and tender, so I put the rack back on the bar and focused on some other resistance exercises.

Fortunately, things were totally fine. My legs and calves were a little bit stiff, but still very manageable.

Anything else to report?

This is technically the longest uninterrupted run I have ever done. The Garmin Forerunner 35 says 6.8 km’s, but the treadmill said 7km’s, so I’m sticking with that.

Why have you reintroduced squats into your training?

There are almost too many benefits to list, but the main reason is to build muscle and drop my body fat percentage. Not looking for anything ridiculous. Just want to be a bit more cut for summer 🙂