30 November – Treadmill Training Session

30 November – Treadmill Training Session

Basic Summary of this run:

The goal of this run was to do a sub-20 5km at a 1% gradient on the treadmill. I managed to do this with a few seconds to spare, despite what my Forerunner 35 suggested (ie the treadmill indicated 5km’s).

Additional Thoughts:

Whenever I’m fit enough to do a sub-20 5k on the treadmill, I know that I’m almost ready to start gunning a 5k PB. For me, maintaining a pace of less than 4mins/km is much more difficult on a treadmill than it is on the road, if I run at a 1% gradient.

The reason I run at a 1% gradient is because studies indicate that this is the best way to simulate running on the road.

In my case, it all comes down to stride length. The stride length that I achieve on a treadmill (with these settings) is always less than the stride length I can achieve on the road, with a similar level of effort.

Feelings about this run:

I was pretty happy with this run to be honest. I ran at a good pace and didn’t feel like I was dying. That’s always a good sign.