Outdoor Running Session – 02 December 2018

Outdoor Running Session – 02 December 2018

Basic Summary of this run:

I went out with the intention of doing a fairly easy distance run. I ended up doing the longest run of my life (7.5km’s) without pushing my body too hard or feeling any troublesome niggles.

Feelings about this run:

Pretty stoked. It means my dedication to daily calf raises is paying off, and I’m finally learning how to train consistently without getting injured. I have strong feeling that I will cover more distance in December 2018 than I ever have in a single month.

Anything else to report:

I was surprised by how difficult the first kilometer felt. It was 10 seconds slower than the second slowest km. Admittedly I wasn’t trying to push too hard too early, but I still find it strange that it can take so long to go from 2nd to 3rd gear without forcing it.