Man Down – No Training For 9 Days – 03 to 12 December ?

One of my best mates and I talk about this all the time.

It seems that every time I get into a really good training routine and I’m about to hit a new peak in performance, something comes along and resets all the solid progress that I’ve made.

Most of the time it involves getting ill or getting injured. For instance, I’ve been through 7 calf strains and a horrific lisfranc (forefoot) injury in the past 2 years (the lisfranc injury happened at my Bachelor’s party. Fortunately I still managed to walk down the isle).

In this case, it involves an abscess on the back of my left leg which ended up getting infected. I’m not going to show any pictures. All I’m going to say is that I’ve been through a week of unrelenting agony, including 5 days of antibiotics, and a 3 day stint on my work chair that was literally unbearable.

Fortunately the antibiotics annihilated the infection, but the wound is still deep enough that I am unwilling to run. The last thing I want to do is rupture the skin and undo all the healing that has taken place.

So there you have it. I’m itching to get back on the road, but need to get sign off from my Doctor before I do so. Fortunately I have an appointment scheduled for Friday afternoon and a public holiday on Monday. If all goes well, there should be plenty of opportunity for a few easy come back runs this weekend.