Best Nike Stability Running Shoes – 2019 Edition

Best Nike Stability Running Shoes – 2019 Edition

Let’s cut to the chase. If you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance that:

  1. You like Nike
  2. You need stability running shoes
  3. You want to know the best options available

If that sounds like you, you’re in the right place.

The 4 Types of Nike Stability Running Shoes

Nike’s range of stability running shoes is actually fairly simple to unpack. There are four different shoe families. These can be viewed below:

  1. Nike Zoom Span – Mild stability
  2. Nike Lunarglide – Mild Stability
  3. Nike Zoom Odyssey – Moderate Stability
  4. Nike Zoom Structure – Moderate Stability

Now that you know what the options are, it’s time to dive into more details about each of these shoes.

1) Nike Air Zoom Span

Back in 2016, the Zoom Span won the Runner’s World Best Buy award. This is mainly because it packs a lot of value into a shoe that often retails for less than $100.

In terms of feel, shape and cushioning, the Zoom Span is comparable to the Pegasus. For all intents and purposes, this a good thing. The Pegasus is arguably Nike’s most popular running shoe, so the comparison bodes well for the Zoom Span.

When you look at these shoes, one of the main things to take note of is the ‘Dynamic Support’ feature built into the sole of the shoe. It’s plain to see that Nike have built this shoe with arch support in mind.


To summarize the Nike Zoom Span in a short sentence: Lightweight, well-priced mild stability running shoes with a decent amount of cushioning.

2) Nike Lunarglide 9

Next on the list is the Nike Lunarglide 9. In terms of comparisons, the Lunarglide 9 is a lot like the Nike Free running shoes, except it has a bit more cushioning and it obviously has stability features (ie arch support technology).

Overall, the ratings on and are pretty positive.

These are some of the key technical features of the Lunarglide 9.

  • Lunarlon cushioning
  • Jacquard-style mesh upper for breathability
  • Flywire lacing system to secure the midfoot
  • Designed for road running
  • Arch support
  • Mild Stability Technology

To summarize the Nike Lunarglide in a short sentence: Soft, lightweight, super comfortable stability running shoes.

3) Nike Zoom Odyssey

Nike Zoom Odyssey Stability Running Shoes

The Zoom Odyssey is arguably Nike’s most supportive stability shoe, and it’s designed for long distance running.

In terms of performance and feel, the Odyssey is comparable to the Vomeros (one of Nike’s premium long-distance neutral running shoes). In essence, it provides a plush, responsive and comfortable ride.

For stability, Nike have included ‘Dynamic Support’ technology. This provides arch support and helps to prevent overpronation.

It’s the combination of Dynamic Support features with Zoom Air cushioning that makes the Odyssey so good for long distance running.

The only slight drawback with the Zoom Odyssey is that it’s not the lightest shoe. This is often the case with well cushioned stability running shoes, and the Odyssey is no exception.

Zoom_Odyssey_Dyanamic Support

If you look at the bottm left corner of the Zoom Odyssey sole, you can clearly see the ‘Dynamic Support’ stamp. 

To summarize the key features of the shoe:

  • Dynamic Support Technology
  • Flymesh Upper for breathability
  • Flywire lacing system for midfoot support
  • Zoom Air Cushioning
  • Arch Support

4) Nike Zoom Structure 22

Last on the list is the Nike Air Zoom Structure 22 running shoes. 

On paper, the Zoom Structure is Nike’s flagship stability running shoe.

Like the Zoom Span (first shoe featured in this article), the Zoom Structure is also comparable to the Pegasus in terms of overall look and feel. This is mainly due to the full length Zoom Air Cushioning (the same cushioning used in the Pegasus)

The major difference between the Zoom structure and the Pegasus is the inclusion of ‘Dynamic Support’ technology. This is built into the cushioning of the shoe, and it offers much needed arch support for overpronators.

In terms of mileage, the Zoom Structure is designed for long distance training. It’s an everyday trainer that should comfortably serve you for at least 500 miles, and potentially a bit more than that.

Also, Nike have been reducing the weight of the Zoom structure with each iteration of the shoe. This has made it more responsive and faster over time.

Then just to confirm Nike’s summary of what the shoe offers: “Engineered mesh, a heel overlay and dynamic support throughout the midfoot all work together to provide a smooth, stable ride.”

  • Dynamic Support Technology (Arch Support)
  • Nike Warpknit (Engineered) Mesh
  • Flywire lacing system for midfoot support
  • Zoom Air Cushioning
  • Arch Support

Final Thoughts

We’ve covered everything we said we would. To put this whole article in a nutshell.

The best Nike Stability Running Shoes Are:

  • Nike Air Zoom Span
  • Nike Lunarglide
  • Nike Air Zoom Odyssey
  • Nike Air Zoom Structure

Those are the options that you can choose from if you’re an overpronator and you like Nike’s combination of cushioning and style.

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