How To Hack Your V02 Max

Increase V02 Max

Let’s assume you’re a passionate runner that really enjoys hitting your distance targets every week. You’ve been in the game for a while, and you’ve settled into a fairly comfortable training routine that ticks all the boxes in terms of cardiovascular fitness, total mileage and weight management. But there’s a problem. Your performance gains have stagnated, … Read moreHow To Hack Your V02 Max

Assault AirRunner Treadmill: In-depth Review


First Off – What is the Assault AirRunner Treadmill? In short, it’s a high quality curved treadmill that is becoming increasingly popular in commercial gyms and crossfit boxes across America. It’s called a ‘manual’ treadmill because there is no engine involved. By taking strides on the Assault AirRunner, your momentum starts to rotate the belt naturally. This … Read moreAssault AirRunner Treadmill: In-depth Review

Can Running Everyday Help To Lose Weight?

Can running everyday help to lose weight? Let’s start off with the good news. Scientifically speaking, running is one of the most effective ways for human beings to burn calories, period. This article by the Independent newspaper ranks the best ways to burn the most amount of calories in one hour. It’s easy to see … Read moreCan Running Everyday Help To Lose Weight?

101 Motivational Running Quotes

Running is one of the best forms of exercise. It reduces your biological age, improves cardiovascular fitness, burns a ridiculous amount of calories and even reduces the likelihood of getting alzheimers later in life.  But sometimes, your motivation to run can go through a dip. When this happens, these motivational running quotes can help reignite … Read more101 Motivational Running Quotes

Polar Vantage M vs Polar Vantage V – Which One Is Better?

The Polar Vantage Series of watches were released to the general public in November 2018, and boy did Polar need something to revive their product offering. Over the past 3 years, Garmin has obliterated Polar’s market share with a broad selection of GPS running watches that are stacked to the nines with features, and significantly … Read morePolar Vantage M vs Polar Vantage V – Which One Is Better?